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The Newberry lab is hiring!  We are recruiting a diverse team of motivated scientists to join our interdisciplinary research group and help us tackle difficult problems at the interface of chemistry and biology; learn more at our Research page.  We welcome students and scientists from all personal and professional backgrounds, and we value the experience and expertise that each of our scientists bring.  Although our research program draws on perspectives from organic chemistry, biophysics, and molecular biology, no prior experience in these areas is necessary; instead, we look for colleagues who are excited about the problems we work on and who are willing to bring enthusiasm, hard work, and a constructive mindset.  In return, we are committed to helping our team members realize their professional goals, and we offer competitive salary and benefits.  Plus, Austin consistently ranks among the best places to live in the US and offers a vibrant atmosphere for both work and play.  Please contact Dr. Newberry to discuss opportunities that would be right for you.

Postdoctoral Scholars

We have openings for postdoctoral scholars!  Interested candidates should send Dr. Newberry a cover letter describing their scientific interests and professional goals, as well as a CV and a short research summary.  Please also arrange for a letter of recommendation to be sent from your graduate advisor.  Successful candidates will demonstrate a strong track record of productivity, a critical mindset, and a specific interest in our research areas.

Graduate Students

We have openings for graduate students!  We currently accept graduate students from the chemistry PhD program, though we anticipate affiliations with other graduate programs in the near future.  Current UT students can contact Dr. Newberry to discuss potential projects and rotations.  Prospective graduate students interested in our research should apply to UT Austin's Chemistry PhD program or contact Dr. Newberry to discuss opportunities in other programs.


We have openings for undergraduates!  We accept enthusiastic students from all majors, and no prior research experience or coursework is necessary.  Students can earn course credit for research, and we have stipends available to support summer research as well.  Please contact Dr. Newberry to discuss opportunities.

Technicians, Research Associates, and Postbacs

We have openings for bachelor's-level scientists!  We welcome candidates seeking positions for as little as one year, as well as those interested in long-term employment.  Part-time and full-time opportunities are available.  Interested candidates should send Dr. Newberry a resume/CV and a cover letter describing their scientific training, interests, and goals.  

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rnewberry [at] utexas [dot] edu

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