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Anindita Mahapatra (Onu)

Postdoctoral Scholar

Ph.D. Structural Biology & Bioinformatics

          CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology

          Lab of Dr. Krishnananda Chattopadhyay

M.Sc. Chemistry - Indian Institute of Technology Madras

About Me

Anindita, originally from India, relocated to Austin for her postdoctoral training in Professor Newberry’s lab at UT Austin, after completing her doctoral degree from the CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (CSIR-IICB) in Kolkata, India.

In course of her doctoral research, Anindita investigated the membrane interactions and aggregation pathways of the Parkinson’s protein alpha-Synuclein, employing ensemble-average and single-molecule biophysical techniques. She also identified novel and repurposed molecules that were able to modify the pathogenic aggregation landscape of alpha-Synuclein in vitro, aiming to discover potential therapeutic agents against Parkinson’s disease. Currently, in the Newberry Lab, she is exploring the molecular determinants of liquid–liquid phase separation (LLPS) of alpha-Synuclein to gain deeper insights into the mechanistic details of this process and its implications in Parkinson’s disease.

Beyond her research pursuits, Anindita has a fondness for pets, enjoys exploring new places, and trying diverse cuisines.

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